~ Warm stones, organic oil & lotion, pure essential oil, and 18 years experience, with every massage ~

What Phil's guests are saying:

Phil Zuber, LMT

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Phil Zuber Massage, LMT 

Minneapolis MN


"Phil is not only an amazing massage therapist, he is a true healer.  It's because he genuinely cares about unlocking every bit of tension from a person's body so they can feel peace.  It's very clear that this is not just a job for him but a personal mission to give intensive care to others.  

Whether you prefer strong or gentle pressure, Phil can adapt perfectly.  There is no one better at achieving results across this entire range.  He has incredible strength and skill when it comes to deeper work and yet his natural sensitivity for tenderness is awe inspiring.  

His work clearly brings about a need for poetry in order to describe it.  Phil is truly one-of-a-kind."

Meg O.

Phil Zuber is a licensed massage therapist, with 18 years experience.  He offers integrative therapeutic massage, advanced bodywork and hands-on energywork.  He graduated from the Minneapolis School of Massage in 1999 and has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education including Myofascial Release, foot Reflexology, hands-on energy healing, Reiki, Neuromuscular Therapy, advanced deep tissue, and much more.   Phil uses his experience, education, and intuitive touch to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of all his guests.  Looking at bodywork as both an art and a science, he excels at helping people get rid of pain, dissolve stress, relieve headaches, move freely with a greater range of motion, and increase circulation, strength and energy.  Every person's body has the ability to self heal.  Phil has a gift to facilitate that healing process and  guide you through the softening of resistance to healing, and create space within, so that your body can efficiently self-heal the way it's supposed to.  He is grateful to be able to assist you on this journey of health and wellness in a way that's safe, nurturing, and highly effective.